InfiniteStream Hyperion Ultra HD TV

Infinitestream Are you ready to cut the cord? With InfiniteStream, that decision is yours! Cable and Satellite TV plans have continued to rise in cost, despite all the online options. Many savvy subscribers have been reducing or even dropping their plans in favor of streaming services, both paid and free services. The premium paid services offer many options that sports and TV fans alike crave, such as live stream sports and live news streams.

InfiniteStream gives the hands down BEST streaming experience, and it’s the experience that matters. Many people aren’t ready to cut the cord, as they have tried cheap streaming devices and were very dissatisfied. Hence, they keep spending $100 to $200 every month on Cable TV and channel subscriptions. Had they done it right and spent the money on a fast, high quality device like ours, their experience would have been very different. The InfiniteStream can help save you money every month, if your chose to reduce your bill through specific subscription app usage, or be connected to almost any type of content possible through the use of many 3rd party apps.

One word of caution. Make sure you have a good high speed internet connection. This is a must, especially if your cutting the cord. Streaming can be better that cable, since it’s all on-demand and has an abundance of options. But a poor internet connection can ruin the experience no matter what box you get… yes, even with a InfiniteStream player!


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