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Billed in industry circles as the “Streamsmart Killer“, the NCTV NC18 streaming box made an immediate impact in the android streaming device market with cutting edge hardware that provided the performance that other boxes could not match.

People simply tired of all hassle of associated with endless buffering, freezing & booting on game day. And the non-existent customer support and frustration that comes from of a poorly designed (and poorly reviewed) product. The consistent streaming performance of the the NCTV NC18 box delivered where other streaming boxes failed.

While the streaming box cartel in San Diego continued to anger customers with their poorly engineered product & unreliable programming, 2k miles away the NCTV NC18 group were building a streaming box that clearly surpassed all other products in the market.

NCTV’s first model, the NC17 box, quickly changed the market dynamics by delivering rock solid programming & better than market average hardware specifications. Resellers of the SS brand were drawn to the stable reliability and consistent performance of the new NCTV box.

Less than a year later, NCTV released the famous NC18 box. This high-end streamer outclassed all other boxes by a wide margin and delivered the highest level of customer satisfaction in the market. With an Octocore processor and 16 gigs of memory, the NCTV NC18 box is considered to be the gold standard in streaming media players.

NC18 Streaming Android NCTV Box Features



  • 2019 Best Android 6.1 4K Kodi Fully Loaded Streaming Box
  • The latest high-performance hardware
  • The best entertainment package for sports, movies & special events
  • A much smoother, reliable & organized viewing experience
  • An actual TV Guide Menu
  • 4K ready & Fully Loaded Streaming Box
  • Automatic Updates
  • NCTV boxes don’t use overloaded streams that buffer endlessly

The new NCTV NC-18 Streaming Box is the first of its kind, combining a personal digital assistant with a portable video game console in one unit. From classic arcade games to any number of mobile applications, this device offers a true multimedia experience.

As with most other gaming consoles, Android can also be used for any other application. This gives the NCTV Streaming Box a lot of potential applications and gives it the edge over other competitors in this area. Even for more traditional gaming applications, Android can easily support them, making it even more attractive than other devices.

On top of the NC10 Streaming TV Box by NCTV is offering an Android user interface, it also provides a powerful game controller. Like the console, the Android game controller has eight buttons, seven analogue sticks, a D-Pad, a Start button, and a Home button. Compared to the other controllers available, it has more buttons and options.

With the touch screen on the controller, you can connect it to your TV screen, and the streaming software to the device. By using the touchscreen, you can program the most recent games and applications to the player, and by setting specific points in time, or game levels, you can create a movie out of your favorite game sequences. A dedicated remote control can then be used to navigate through the menu and zoom the pictures you wish to view.

An integrated backup application for the video files on the device allows it to store all the videos in its hard drive. This makes it possible to restore files from any time in the future.

Android also offers several unique features and advantages over other devices. For example, it supports open source applications like Flash, allowing the Flash players to be installed and run on this device.

Finally, Android is a particularly attractive platform because it can be operated by the user at his or her own pace, be it video gaming, graphics design, or photo editing. It is flexible and can take a user from learning the basics to advanced software application without any noticeable delay. As with most gaming consoles, the NCTV Streaming Box has much more to offer in terms of advanced games and applications.


More About the NC18 Streaming TV Box

NC18 Streaming TV Boxes Guide

For many, watching television has always been a battle between good reception and clear reception. In the past, people had to switch from one TV provider to another just to enjoy better service. As cable TV and satellite TV services have grown in popularity, however, people no longer have to choose between them. If you’ve got a high-speed Internet connection, you can choose from two high-quality video services: streaming TV and pay-per-view.

With the advancement of these two services, you can watch your favorite live and on-air movies on your NC18 Box. These days, there are two kinds of services. There are those that allow you to watch streaming TV on your PC, and there are those that let you watch movies through satellite TV. These two different options provide two different means of getting the same content: live TV and pay-per-view. You can even take advantage of seasonal sports events and concerts by signing up for one of the various channels or packages that include them.

Satellite TV lets you experience the full power of NC18 Box broadcast technology in a single package. Unlike cable or aerobed services, though, you don’t have a single receiver or screen. Instead, your satellite dish gathers up live channels from all over the country and displays them on your screen using an Analog Video Interface (AVI). Your television has the best quality of sound and picture available, but with it, you get even better. You’ll also be able to access live radio stations as well.

What sets it apart from cable tv is that it doesn’t require a separate tuner. All you need is a broadband Internet connection so that your NC18 Box can send and receive data for the service to work. That’s why it’s also referred to as satellite tv. By receiving satellite TV content on your PC, you’ll have access to thousands of channels-more than you could ever find through cable or eroded. You can watch live TV on your PC and take advantage of any of the special features that come along with the subscription.

Many providers like dish network, DirecTV and AT&T U-verse offer live and on-demand delivery via it. Through their NC18 Box services, they are able to deliver high definition (HD) television programming to more homes than ever before. If your satellite television doesn’t have a its component included in the package, you’ll want to upgrade to a plan that does. The high definition quality that comes with your subscription adds a whole new dimension to your viewing pleasure.

You can even watch your videos on your NC18 Box while you’re travelling. Satellite tv software like Windows Media Player or Quicktime can be installed on your laptop so that you can access satellite TV content on your PC without any interruption. If you’re travelling across time zones, it’s a great way to keep up with your favorite programs while you’re out of town.

If you want to upgrade from basic cable to an enhanced version, like hulu Plus or Sky NC18 Box, you can do so for a more reasonable monthly rate. This is done through a one-time payment of a one-time fee for the enhanced service. Unlike basic satellite tv, you’ll get better picture and sound quality with an enhanced version like hulu plus. With this service, you can also choose to view-on-demand movies and sporting events-giving you more options when it comes to how you watch live TV.

For people who only want to supplement their basic satellite tv coverage, there’s the option of using an OTT (other than cable or aerobic) device. These devices run on regular batteries and can usually be plugged into the wall. They’re similar to a USB drive but instead of storing the tv shows or movies on the hard drive, they store them on the device and stream them to your NC18 Box screen. This works well if you only want to use your OTT device during certain times of the week, but don’t have enough room in your home or office for cable subscriptions.

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