Have you purchased one of the following streaming devices and now it doesn’t work?

Upgrade to the STREAMSMART SUPERBOX S2PRO today to access amazing content available never available on the following boxes:

  • StreamSmart S3
  • StreamSmart S4
  • StreamSmart Pro
  • StreamSmart Pro Plus
  • StreamSmart Prime
  • StreamSmart GIGA
  • StreamStation ST1
  • InfinteStream I2
  • InfiniteStream IS Hyperion
  • Digixtream DX5
  • Dixixtream DX5 Plus
  • MAGGTV Premier XUHD
  • Callebur C4X
  • Thorstream EliteX
  • Renegade RG6X
  • TigerStream T5X
  • KingpintvKP4KPlus


Beginning late summer of 2018, many StreamSmart box owners began seeing scrolling warnings across their TV screen that their box needed to be updated, and that this update would cost additional money.

The models affected included:

Streamsmart Pro
Streamsmart Pro Plus
Streamstation ST1
Infitinestream (all)

So What Happened to Streamsmart?

Consumer forums such as this one detail the train-wreck that was once the top streaming TV box on the planet: Streamsmart Scams.

The reasons for the extraordinary decline in product performance & skyrocketing owner dissatisfaction are too numerous to list in detail here. But the common thread is MONEY.

By early 2018, new streaming devices like the SUPERBOX PRO were introduced to the marketplace. The user experience of the SUPERBOX S2PRO was so superior to the boxes listed above that the principals (all are owned/managed by the same people) of the Streamsmart/Streamstation/Infinitestream brands experienced a marked decline in box sales.

Rather than upgrade their hardware specifications to meet the competition, the decision was made to simply re-brand the Streamsmart Pro Plus & Prime boxes as a “new” model – the Streamstation ST1. This was immediately problematic as the term “Streamstation” is a registered trademark owned by another company. Left with a unsold, outdated hardware that infringed on an existing trademark, an even bigger problem emerged – loss of the primary content supplier for their boxes.

To offset the costs associated with securing another content source & a rapidly declining market share, the mandatory paid upgrade was rolled out to target the Pro version of the Streamsmart box, then the Pro Plus, and finally some models of the Streamstation ST1.

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