Have you purchased one of the following streaming devices and now it doesn’t work?

Upgrade to the STREAMSMART SUPERBOX S2PRO today to access amazing content available never available on the following boxes:

  • StreamSmart S3
  • StreamSmart S4
  • StreamSmart Pro
  • StreamSmart Pro Plus
  • StreamSmart Prime
  • StreamSmart GIGA
  • StreamStation ST1
  • InfinteStream I2
  • InfiniteStream Hyperion
  • Digixtream DX5
  • Dixixtream DX5 Plus
  • MAGGTV Premier XUHD
  • Callebur C4X
  • Thorstream EliteX
  • Renegade RG6X
  • TigerStream T5X
  • KingpintvKP4KPlus


Beginning late summer of 2018, many StreamSmart box owners began seeing scrolling warnings across their TV screen that their box needed to be updated, and that this update would cost additional money.

The models affected included:

Streamsmart Pro
Streamsmart Pro Plus
Streamstation ST1
Infitinestream (all)

So What Happened to Streamsmart?

Consumer forums such as this one detail the train-wreck that was once the top streaming TV box on the planet: Streamsmart Scams.

The reasons for the extraordinary decline in product performance & skyrocketing owner dissatisfaction are too numerous to list in detail here. But the common thread is MONEY.

By early 2018, new streaming devices like the SUPERBOX PRO were introduced to the marketplace. The user experience of the SUPERBOX S2PRO was so superior to the boxes listed above that the principals (all are owned/managed by the same people) of the Streamsmart/Streamstation/Infinitestream brands experienced a marked decline in box sales.

Rather than upgrade their hardware specifications to meet the competition, the decision was made to simply re-brand the Streamsmart Pro Plus & Prime boxes as a “new” model – the Streamstation ST1. This was immediately problematic as the term “Streamstation” is a registered trademark owned by another company. Left with a unsold, outdated hardware that infringed on an existing trademark, an even bigger problem emerged – loss of the primary content supplier for their boxes.

To offset the costs associated with securing another content source & a rapidly declining market share, the mandatory paid upgrade was rolled out to target the Pro version of the Streamsmart box, then the Pro Plus, and finally some models of the Streamstation ST1.

StreamSmart Upgrade 2021

Steamsmart Upgrade Media Player

You are fond of your old TV box and want to upgrade your Streamsmart to an upgraded version with more features that actually works. But the question is: where to start? You must have come across several brands that offer great channel selections, but all of them are not the same and it is very hard to choose one out of the many brands available in the market. Therefore, it becomes even more difficult and confusing to find out which brand fits your device and its price range.

The good news for you is that you can easily find an upgraded media player of your choice with the help of a Streamsmart upgrade. They have been providing excellent product quality since their inception and have thus earned a high reputation among people who like to use top class products at a reasonable rate. Now, you can easily look for a player of your choice through their online store. Streamsmart also provides you with a facility of comparing the various brands of media players and deciding which one meets your requirements.

When you go for a product comparison over the internet, you will get a variety of features with the Streamsmart upgrade media player models presented side by side. You will be able to get the best device out of that with the help of comparing the products. Further, this service is provided free of cost, thus making it an added advantage. So, what do you need to do to purchase your favorite product from the online store?

Well, before going ahead with the actual purchase, you must look into few aspects of the Streamsmart upgrade very carefully. First of all, you must know what features the product has so that you can evaluate if it meets your requirements or not. This simple step will help you identify the product that fits your requirement and thus save you both time and money. After you identify the Streamsmart upgrade product, you can then look for a dealer that sells that particular product and thus make the purchase from there.

Once you find the Streamsmart upgrade from the online store, you must see the delivery details provided by the store. The address of the store must be noted down along with the product description along with the features. This will help you in knowing the exact date of delivery and thus plan your expenditure accordingly. In case you are wondering whether to do a Streamsmart upgrade media player or not, you can simply refer to the product description and judge it yourself.

Once you have made the purchase, you will be required to verify the Streamsmart upgrade model you requested. Many online vendors do not allow you to return the upgrade. Therefore, you must ensure that this is not a possibility. In case you are satisfied with the product and wish to return it, you must request for a return shipping label from the online store. Then you have to ship the product back to the store. These measures will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and will help you return the Streamsmart upgrade without any trouble.

Streamart upgrade TV is simply the digital transmission of live television content, including TV shows, movies, music videos and sporting events as streaming media transported over the internet. When web users to stream a video they usually are using an IPTV receiver which connects to their computers via a high speed broadband connection. The IPTV software typically controls and provides access to the video stream. Streamsmart upgrade TV ideally stands in opposition to pay per view (PPV) television delivered by television networks through the means of cable, satellite, or other over -the-air broadcast systems. Streamsmart upgrade TV allows viewers to view multiple channels at once without the need for a bunch of different boxes or receivers.

To get the full picture viewers should have a high speed internet connection and the latest version of Flash player installed on their computer or laptop. There is an active debate currently raging over whether or not streaming tv should be accessible with a commercial television service provider (CSP). CSP’s offer streaming TV services via the analog signals they provide to television providers. These signals can take up to several hours to transmit, depending on the size of the data stream. This has made many folks who are interested in this technology confused as to the difference between Streamsmart upgrade tv and real-time tv.

A good way to distinguish between these two services is by understanding the way they work. Real-time television offers live channels from various networks across the country to a viewer. These channels are encoded digitally and are transmitted via data packets to the IPTV receiver. Viewers can connect to their television service and select any number of channels they wish to watch. Viewers will not be able to “catch up” to these channels as it occurs to live, but can still “watch” the programs in their entirety on their Streamsmart upgrade as the data stream happens.

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